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If you are into Hollywood superheroes action movies and especially Marvel movies then you must be waiting eagerly for upcoming Hollywood movie Avengers Infinity War. Avengers Infinity war is releasing next month. In order to fully understand story of Avengers Infinity war you should consider watching Marvel movies timeline. Here we are listing the entire Avengers movies list in chronological order to make it easier for you to watch them.

Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man is probably the first movie of the Marvel Avengers Universe. Robert Downy Jr. started his marvelous Iron Man journey from here. Have a look at the trailer to decide whether to watch it or not but we recommend to watch it.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Incredible Hulk is the second movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel comic character Hulk was introduced in this movie. Edward Norton played the role of Hulk/Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner is a scientist who is on the run from US Government to cure his being a monster when he loses his temper.

Iron Man 2 (2)

Iron man (Robert Downy Jr.) continues his journey of fighting the monsters of The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The US government forces him to hand over the technology to them. At the same time he encounters a fight with the same kind of technology developed by a Russian scientist.

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Captain America: The first Avenger (2011)

Back in 1942 the US army rejects physically weak soldier. Then a technology researcher carries a test on him and ends up converting him into a strong soldier (Chris Evans/Captain America). Captain America ultimately helps a lot to win the World War 2 for the US. Thus he becomes a national hero.

IMDB: 6.9

Thor (2011)

Thor is the fourth movie of Marvel cinematic universe and a big part of Marvel Avengers and will play a big role in Marvel Avengers Infinity war. In this movie Thor (Chris Hemsworth ) is a powerful and arrogant god sent live and defend earth and human.

IMDB: 7.0

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