Top 5 Hollywood Horror Movies you cannot watch alone

 Top 5 Hollywood Horror Movies you cannot watch alone

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Sometimes movies fans want to watch something different and that’s where horror movies come to rescue. We watch dozens of horror movies every year but of these are so scary that we cannot forget them for a long time. Here is the list of 7 horror movies you probably want to watch with someone else.

Wrong turn Movies Series

Wrong turn is a Hollywood movies series in which a bunch of friends trap in a forest and meet some deformed cannibalistic mountain men. First installment of Wrong Turn series was released in 2003 followed by 5 more horror filled episodes. Below is the list of all Wrong Turn movies.

  1. Wrong Turn – 2003
  2. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End – 2007
  3. Wrong Turn 3 – Left for Dead – 2009
  4. Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings – 2011
  5. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines – 2012
  6. Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort – 2014


IT is a Hollywood supernatural scary movie based on 1986 Novel by the name IT. IT is the story of a seven year old kid Georgie who is running in a rainy street chasing his paper boat.  There he met Pennywise. His brother along with other friends takes revenge. IT was released in 2017 and a sequel is schedule to release on 6 September 2019.


The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 is a Hollywood horror movie and is the third installment of The Conjuring series. The conjuring 2 is the best movie of The Conjuring series and it created quite hype around the globe. If you are into scary movies then this quite a big treat for you but be aware not to watch it alone. A lot of people have had heart attacks while watching it. Here is the list of all the Conjuring movies.

  1. The Conjuring – 2013
  2. The Conjuring 2 – 2016

Paranormal Activity Movies series

Paranormal Activity is a Hollywood supernatural horror movie series. We have seen six installments of this Horror movie series. It is one of the most profitable movie series ever. It is the story of a young couple moved into a new house and they sense paranormal activities. The husband installs cameras in the room and hence the story goes on. Here is the list of all the paranormal activity movies.

  1. Paranormal Activity – (2007)
  2. Paranormal Activity 2 – (2010)
  3. Paranormal Activity 3 – (2011)
  4. Paranormal Activity 4 – (2012)
  5. Paranormal Activity: The marked ones – (2014)
  6. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – (2015)


Sinister is 2012 Hollywood horror movie. It is the story of a writer who along with his family moves into a new house where a family was murdered earlier. This Hollywood scary movie was a success on box office and you really don’t want to watch it alone.


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