Marvel Jessica Jones Review – Superhero TV show

Marvel Jessica Jones
Marvel Jessica Jones

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This trending TV series is one of the best Marvel comics  based on ‘Jessica Jones’ played by Kristen Ritter. Jessica Jones Season 2  was recently released on 8th march 2018.


Subsequent to the heartbreaking end of her short-lived superhero career, Jessica Jones tries to re-establish her life as a private investigator, dealing with cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City.

The season is filled with some bad-ass action. She undergoes problems which include her being hot-tempered, Paying bills, staying sober and facing the never ending trauma during her daily life.

Yeah she isn’t perfect like all the other Marvel-Superheroes. She faces a hard time healing from what she has faced in the past and which has ultimately resulted in her getting flashbacks which keep daunting her. She is ruthless and keeps people at a distance. in short, she takes no ‘Bullshit’.

Jessica is capable of channeling the call to heroics and presents to the viewers that survival and recovery both are possible at the same time.

Trauma is not exclusive to Jessica or her corner of Manhattan, but Jessica Jones is the exceptional program to view these issues from a Woman’s perception and bring the very temperament of heroics into matter. Sure, she has the powers, but the psychological bandwidth required to face the pressures of being a superhero. To a certain degree, this makes her choice to get involved in The Defenders despite the escalating weirdness.

IMDB rating: 8.1 out of/10

Genre :  Drama

Network :    Netflix

Premiere Date:   Nov 20, 2015


Executive Producers

  • Melissa Rosenberg
  • Liz Friedman
  • Alan Fine
  •  Joe Quesada
  • Stan Lee
  • Jeph Loeb

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