Old Hollywood Movies to Watch on Weekend

Old Hollywood movies to watch on weekend

Old Hollywood Movies to Watch on Weekend

We all watch movies,  we love them,  sometimes it’s Netflix and chill, sometimes we’re looking for inspiration, sometimes we’re covering a historic event or escaping the hassle of reading a book with a movie merely 2 hours long, and sometimes we’re trying to live in the moment with our special ones or maybe rekindling a relationship that once bloomed with love. No matter what your purpose is an appropriate choice is a must.

So when you’re tired and weary after a hectic week and plan on to relax over the weekend a nice blend of different genres may cheer you up. Now here’s a mix that I would recommend that would not only freshen you up but by the end of the weekend instill a little bit of historical knowledge, some love for literature and the habit appreciating the fact that this life no matter how difficult or disappointing it may become is still wonderful, full of love! Here is our list of old Hollywood movies that you might want to watch on the weekend.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

A wonderful romantic comedy is what you need to begin with. The movie stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in lead roles. The plot features Kathleen Kelly who runs an independent book store and is involved with a newspaper writer while she also maintains a quirky online relationship with Joe Fox who apparently turns out to be her business rival. While she is ignorant of the real identity of her online beau, Joe figures it out takes on to make things right. A strong chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan coupled with the lead’s innate acting skills the movie surely warms your heart without a sentimental overdose.

Glory (1989)

Three Academy Award winner stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. The plot follows the story of 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, the first colored regiment during the American Civil War. The story includes the heroic actions of the African-American soldiers as they fight against the Confederate forces and against slavery at large. The movie in itself provides a deep insight into the then prevailing racism while clearly depicting the valor and spirit of the troops as they lead a final assault knowing their eventual fate.

Dead Poets Society(1989)

Academy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay. The movie depicts an elite conservative boarding school hiring their own alumnus Robin Williams, as the new English teacher. The teacher with his unorthodox methods inspires his students to make their lives extraordinary. However the school’s conservative environment and the burden of parents’ expectations forces the students to implode. Nevertheless, their lives have been changed as they’ve learned to “Carpe Diem”. The movie highlights the importance of good teachers in the overall personality development of the students while simultaneously instilling love for poetry in the audience.

Dances with Wolves(1990)

So if you’re alone and take solitude as bliss you’ve found the right thing. Dances with Wolves is Seven Academy Awards Winner. This epic Hollywood film starring Kevin Costner as a Lieutenant in the Union Army who volunteers for the American Frontier takes the audience to the most scenic places. The plot follows as the Lieutenant establishes a lone outpost and interacts with the Lakota Indians and forms a formidable bond that eventually threatens his work and life. The movie depicts the Indians as “Noble Savages” with strange yet pure and innocent ways of living. This is one of the movies that captivates the audience and mesmerizes anyone who’s willing to watch and take on a journey of three hours of wonderfulness.

Let us know if you have any other movies in mind and you want us to watch them at the weekend or even on week days.

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