Deadpool Trailer is here and you will love the red Suit Guy

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Trailer is here and you will love it

Before we talk about the brand new Deadpool 2 trailer let’s remember what happened in the first installment of Deapool, then we will watch the trailer and then talk about the new trailer of Deapool 2.

On the same day, after diagnosing terminal cancer, his girlfriend (Monica Baccarin) accepted his marriage proposal, former special agent Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is offered treatment by a shady organization. Wade accepts and meets a psycho, Ajax, actually Francis, (Ed Skrein), who cure him with a strange injection which is actually cure of his deadly desease.

Francis, along with her assistant Angel Dust, (Gina Cariano) proceeded to put a Wade through incredible violence, burn his entire body and the rapid healing element. But he does not forget good, as he is angry and wants to face his face. Armed with two boats, pistols, and a red suit and mask becomes a widespread, and his mission to find Francis and and take revenge from him.

Now let’s watch the trailer.

Well Wade Wilson (Ryan Ranold) has returned as Deadpool in his own way. In the first trailer we couldn’t catch much details but in trailer we met the villain Cable. The man with the metal arm and with some super strengths ripping away people heads. We also saw some of the X-Men folks which means Deadpool 2 is gonna be an X origin Hollywood action movie.

Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool comes late and excuses to his fiance in the Deadpool way. It looks from the trailer that the Red Suit guy wants to protect a kid with special abilities – most probably and X-Men guy. We saw the supersonic boom girl and now she look more in action.

So fasten your seat belts as we are going to watch some super action on May 18, 2018.


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